The Oath of OfficeOn December 16 elections were held for the Parish Council. The following members were elected and they will serve for the next two years: Dr. Peter Bell-President, Dr. Paul Kallis-Vice President, Norman Pomrening-Secretary, Dr. Nick Kouchis-Treasurer, George Alex, Terry Chiganos, Cindy Clark, Spyro Demakis, James Fotopoulos, Tom Gregory, Louis Katzioris, Nick Kirkeles, Alicia Magas, Dr. Jim Maragos, and Peter Poteres.

Dr. Bell, the incumbent president, is placed on the Council for the next two years without election.


Parish Council


Officers: Dr. Nick Kouchis President
  Norman Pomrening Vice President
  Dr. James Maragos Secretary
  Tom Gregory Treasurer
  Dr. Peter Bell Advisor
Board Members: George Alex  
  George Chechopoulos  
  Terry Chiganos  
  Spyro Demakis  
  James Fotopoulos  
  Lou Kafkes  
  Nick Kirkeles  
  Alicia Magas  
  Peter Poteres  
  Steve Savas  
  Freida Varlas  















 Meeting Minutes