Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church welcomes you to our inclusive and vibrant Orthodox parish. We respect and honor our religious and ethnic traditions while continuously adapting to serve the needs of our parishioners and the surrounding community.

Our parish builds upon its founding principles and supports a predominantly English-speaking Christ-centered community with Orthodox values. We deeply cherish religious education, service through our many ministries, love of brothers and sisters in Christ, and active participation in the sacramental life. We would love for you to join our Holy Apostles family. All are welcome!


Our Parish History

On July 12, 1959, fifty families celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the George F. Nixon Elementary School's gymnasium in Westchester, Illinois. They were led by a young priest who had just returned to Chicago from his first assignment in Pittsfield, Massachusetts—Father Bill Chiganos of blessed memory. These men, women, and children stood together as one body of Christ, believing in their vision to establish a Greek Orthodox parish that could serve the spiritual needs of those in the Western Suburbs. The founding families of Holy Apostles thirsted for God, and in a little over two years; they grew to over 280 families. Finally, in 1961, the faithful raised enough funds to purchase the five acres of land where Holy Apostles is now located.                                                                                                                                                      

The renowned architect Edward D. Dart was commissioned to design the church to reflect a Neo-Byzantine style. Those who enter the church are struck by the brickwork and the exonarthex's low ceilings, which give the somber feel of the catacombs—a reminder of what the Orthodox spiritual journey is really about. Construction on the Holy Apostles building began on June 6, 1964, and the first Divine Liturgy in the completed building was celebrated on Sunday, June 27, 1965. One distinguishing feature of Holy Apostles is the beautiful and colorful mosaic iconography that complements and contrasts the church's interior's dark brick and rich wood. Icons are windows into heaven that provide glimpses of the Divine Reality. Many of the icons within Holy Apostles were designed by the renowned Orthodox artist and master Byzantine iconographer Sirio Tonelli. Icons added throughout the years continue to preserve a vision of God's Heavenly Kingdom.


On June 1, 1975, Archbishop Iakovos of blessed memory consecrated Holy Apostles, and it has been blessed to continue in its spiritual growth over the years. Today, the parish has over 800 families who continue to give their time, talent, and treasures to our Lord. Holy Apostles is a church where faith meets family and is a place of healing for soul and body. We pray that the Lord our God continues to bless our community.


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