Hearing Loop Project

Help make Holy Apostles more accessible to those with hearing loss!


A committee is working on installing hearing loop technology to make services in the church and presentations in the multipurpose room easier to hear and understand for members of our community with hearing impairments.


To learn how hearing loops work, watch this 2-minute video.


To hear how busy environments sound to those with hearing aids or hearing difficulties, watch this 30-second video.


Please click on the link below to learn more about the technology and see frequently asked questions. Also, keep your eyes open for a full article about the project in the March Mosaic.




The church has raised the $30,000 in order to make this a reality for the hearing impaired in our community! Thank you to everyone that so generously contributed!


The current status of the project is that the team has submitted the project to the Metropolis BPA committee, which must approve the project before the contract can be signed and installation date scheduled. The project was submitted on May 15, 2022.


Update on June 2, 2022: The Holy Apostles hearing loop team has not heard back from the Metropolis BPA committee. It was indicated they are meeting on Tuesday, June 7th, after which approval is expected.


Update on June 17, 2022: The Holy Apostles hearing loop team has received official approval from the Metropolis. The team is moving forward on signing the contract and scheduling an installation date with the vendor.


Stay tuned for further updates!