Holy Apostles Resource Center (HARC)

HARC, Holy Apostles Resource Center, an Orthodox Christian bookstore, makes available to everyone books, holy icons, gifts and music for the edification of their spiritual lives. HARC has more than 2000 titles of books and pamphlets. For assistance and information regarding orders call 708-562-2706 and ask for the bookstore, or e-mail us at harcbookstore@comcast.net

  • BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS:  Not all titles are available. We will make every effort to assist you in locating the books and pamphlets.
  • ICONS:  HARC has available for sale and by special order many beautiful icons. Please call or e-mail for more information.
  • GIFT ITEMS AND MUSIC:  In addition to books and icons, HARC carries a wide selection of religious music, including Divine Liturgy tapes and CDs. We also carry incense, censors, charcoal, cards for all occasions and many gift items.