Mosaic Article and Photo Submittal Guidelines

Audience and Focus

The Mosaic newsletter is produced to provide the members of Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church with timely and accurate information that includes event announcements/coverage, news, inspirational features, and a monthly calendar.

Circulation Frequency and Distribution

The Mosaic is published for delivery to parishioners’ homes the first week of every month, except in July. It is mailed to church stewards at no charge and to others upon request. Additional printed copies are available in the multi-purpose room and/or the church office. It is also posted in color on the Holy Apostles’ website by the first of the month:

Content Submittal Requirements/Deadlines

Feature article length is typically 400-500 words. For longer articles, contact the editorial board prior to submittal. Story ideas are welcomed and may be developed by newsletter staff as appropriate and as time and resources permit.

The preferred method to submit articles or event announcements is an MS Word document (.doc or .docx).

The submittal deadline is the fifth of the month preceding the publication date (i.e. January 5, 2020 is the deadline for the February 2020 issue). Articles and/or photographs submitted after the deadline may be held for the next issue, when appropriate.

Articles/announcements submitted must include:

  • Headline
  • Author’s name
  • Author’s phone number and e-mail address (strictly for contact purposes)
  • Full names/titles/affiliations of anyone referenced in the article
  • Date and location of activity/events referenced in the article
  • Full URLs (instead of hyperlinks) for websites included in the article

Article Editing

All articles are subject to review by the editorial board, which includes the pastoral staff, for consistency; clarity; grammar; length; relevance; and timeliness.

Edited articles are not routinely returned to authors for their review. However, members of the editorial team may request additional information or review from authors when deemed necessary.

Author/Photographer Acknowledgement

Article authors and photographers will be offered a byline when appropriate.

Photography Submittal Instructions

  • Take all photos at the highest resolution setting possible on a camera, the preferred device, or an iPhone.
  • Action-oriented versus static, posed, individual or group photographs are best. Both horizontal and vertical photographs are acceptable and preferred.
  • Provide in order, from left to right, name(s), affiliation of any person(s), and the location shown in the photograph(s). This information is necessary for creating accurate captions.
  • Send photographs as separate jpg attachments in an e-mail. DO NOT EMBED PHOTOS IN YOUR EMAIL! Embedded photographs will be rejected.
  • Please do not do any cropping, sharpening, resizing or other photo manipulations. If an iPhone is utilized to take photos, select “Original” when prompted while submitting them. Send photos directly from the camera or iPhone to: Scott Sanders at: Be sure to provide the photographer’s name and contact information.

Mosaic Editorial Board Contact Information

All submittals and questions about articles, announcements or photographs for publication in the Mosaic can be directed to:      

Marilyn Athas Editor-in-Chief 630.852.6657
Peter Bell Photographer
Ellen Dimas Editor, Reporter 630.207.3162
Val Dranias Editor, Reporter 630.660.8327
Toni Milak Photographer
Nicole Ostendorf Layout Editor 630.269.6454
Scott Sanders Photo Editor


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