When Jesus fed the 5,000, he accepted the offering from the boy—five loaves and two small fish. He blessed them, broke them, and fed all 5,000 with food leftover. We must also learn to bring what we have to Christ. Consider that when we offer bread and wine, He returns it as His life-giving body and blood, and we offer ourselves, we are transformed into the Church, His body on earth. No matter what we offer, if we do so with prayer and humility, God will receive our gifts and multiply them to care for His people. Your stewardship provides the foundation for our parish ministries and sustains the church's operation, which helps our Holy Apostles' family live their faith and grow in Christ. How then can you give your offering to God? By looking prayerfully in your heart and letting the Lord multiply it to help His flock. As Orthodox Christians, we are called to offer our time, talent, and treasures. To offer your gift of time, talent or treasure, please click on the buttons below.


Let us rise each day to give our offerings and thanksgiving to the Lord, for he blesses those who bless Him and sanctifies those who put their trust in Him. May our Lord richly bless you and your family!


With sincere gratitude and appreciation,


The Holy Apostles Stewardship Committee


Stewardship Frequently Asked Questions


What is Stewardship & why is it Important in my Orthodox Faith Journey?

As Orthodox Christians, we offer ourselves to the Lord at every Divine Liturgy: "Thine own of Thine own we offer unto Thee, on behalf of all and for all." All things we give are offerings to God. Stewardship is not just a one-time offering but a part of the Orthodox Christian way—born out of deep love for God. Our offerings demonstrate that Christ is our priority in the use of our time, talent, and treasures. As Orthodox Christians, we desire to serve, and thus stewardship becomes a path that fosters spiritual growth and deepens our faith and love in the Lord. Stewardship is not a single donation, event, or moment in time—it's the manifestation of our love for Christ. As Christ demonstrated in the Gospels, we must desire to serve and give our time, talent, and treasure. When we open our hearts to the Lord, He will richly bless us in return with His mercy, love, and grace. 


Why are Treasures a part of Stewardship?

Though stewardship encompasses our gifts of time, talent, and treasure, it is the latter most often thought of when we use the word 'stewardship.' So why are donations such a vital part of one's stewardship? In order to assist the Church in fulfilling Her mission, we are called to give our first fruits to the Lord. This includes a portion of our finances: "So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver" (2 Corinthians 9:7). Just as we give to those whom we love, even more so, we should give to the Lord whom we love with all our hearts. Every offering given to God is blessed and multiplied. 


How Much Does Holy Apostles Need to Operate? 

To run a parish as large as Holy Apostles takes a considerable amount of time and money. To date, Holy Apostles' operating budget is $1 Million. Continued stewardship support enables Holy Apostles to focus our attention on administering to our flock. The expenses of our parish are vital for our Church and are generally:

1. For keeping in touch with you,

2. For maintaining our buildings

3. For those who serve us

5. For worship and education 

6. For our commitment to the Metropolis of Chicago and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. 


How to Determine What is the Right Amount to Pledge for Yearly Stewardship?

The Lord alone knows your heart and from where your offering comes. Therefore, we ask that you look prayerfully into your heart and discern the appropriate amount for you and your family. All of us give proportionately to our income level and current circumstances & ability. A genuine offering to the Lord is what each steward should hope to aim for. 


How Often Should I Make My Stewardship Pledge?

Stewardship is a continuous action born out of love for our Lord. However, we ask that Stewards make at least one pledge per year to remain in good standing in the parish. You may pay in the manner which suits you best. Smaller, regular contributions (weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly) are often easier to manage. You may, however, also contribute quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.


Who Can Become a Steward at Holy Apostles?

Anyone who wishes to be served by Holy Apostles can become a steward of Holy Apostles. Stewards should be over the age of 18. Current stewardship allows each Greek Orthodox Steward to vote and or seek elective office in the Parish Council as provided in the Archdiocesan and Parish by-laws.


Will my Offering be Kept Private & Confidential?

Any stewardship pledges are kept in confidence. In the spirit of Christ, we believe that giving should be done quietly, generously, and out of sight of our brothers and sisters.